James Whitebread

Masstech has long been recognised by our customers as a provider of great support provided by our service and support teams, but as Masstech CTO James Whitebread discusses, that doesn’t mean we can’t improve. Here are some of the enhancements and additions our Kumulate and FlashNet users will soon be experiencing. 

Masstech currently has two products out in the field for customers in the broadcast space, studios, news and other segments; Kumulate and FlashNet. We have customers located on every continent, all of whom have a critical need to access their content, potentially 24x7x365. As such, the reliability of our software and the responsiveness of our support team in the event of a problem with our own (or even an integrating partner’s platform) is of paramount importance. 

Our current service offering 

Over the years, we have focused heavily on providing a high level of service by ensuring the support team have regular product and environment training, and access to relevant Masstech and partner product documentation. This has resulted in a a decrease in our average time to ticket resolution, and an increase in our Net Promoter Score to around 30. While this shows excellent progression, we appreciate plenty of scope for improvement remains, and this is driving a number of service enhancements that I will come on to. 

Product Enhancements 

As part of our drive to improve the level of service we offer, and as part of our service management approach, we have taken steps to update and improve how our support and product teams work together, and to improve the feedback loop between them. We want to make sure that we are learning more from any problems faced by our customers and ensure that we not only provide excellent triage and resolution, but that we take further steps to optimise the product in response.  

This might be improvements in the UI/UX for example, where the user may have found the process to perform an action in the tool too complex, leading to a support call. Or it could be related to suggestions for new feature sets from our customers that would help optimise a regular business process they currently perform. Based on this feedback, we then focus on optimising features, the interface etc across our solutions to help reduce support problems our customers may face. 

Taking our support service to the next level 

As part of our service improvement programme, we are looking to add a variety of resources for our customers, as well as strengthening our internal working practices and procedures. Some of the initiatives we are implementing include: 

Upgrades to the support website: In the first quarter of 2021 we will be releasing two updated support channels, available via  a new website, and as a direct link from within the Kumulate platform. This will include searchable FAQ’s, support videos and how-to videos, as well as collateral outlining some of the basics such as logging and managing support tickets and support contact details. We will then be expanding on this with additional features and services in the coming months. 

Improved focus on product support feedback: Our product and support team are working closely together to better understand if and where any problems may sit. This gives us the opportunity within the business to then address those challenges within the product. 

Ideas portal: We welcome customer feedback and suggestions on product features. Customers are invited to submit suggestions for new features and improvements that they would want to see within the Kumulate and FlashNet platforms for consideration via our dedicated portal at http://ideas.masstech.com 

Monitoring: Monitoring for availability, usage and performance metrics is something that our customers have been asking us for. Through providing this information, we can ensure that customers have a greater ability to diagnose any platform or underlying OS and hardware problems, as well as better understanding how their business is using the platform and how well it is responding to their needs. 

Continued focus on customer satisfaction: Finally we will use these updates and changes to raise the bar on our customer experience and further improve our customer satisfaction score. 

In summary, we are not resting on our laurels. We will continue to update and improve our resources and look to engage further with our customer base to make sure that we build out the resources needed to better own, operate and support our platforms.  

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