Here when you need us

Masstech’s helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable support teams are here whenever you need us. You can reach us using any of the contact points below:


US: +1 888 827 3139
International: +1 905 946 5701

Peace of mind with an annual MSR

Included as part of your annual support contract, the Masstech System Review gives you a system health check and flags any potential problems, before they happen.

Once per year, our support team will log into your Kumulate, FlashNet or MassStore system, and perform a system review. We’ll then provide a report that details your system usage in the past 12 months, a basic overview of your hardware and software, and reveals any potential failures or issues. The MSR will also help you predict your future data requirements, and any upgrades to equipment or capacity that you might need to keep on track.

Discover more about the Masstech System Review in this PDF, or email us to find out more about how it works. If you’re a Masstech customer who hasn’t had a System Review yet this year, just let us know and we’ll arrange a call from our engineers.

Multi-year discounts

Masstech support contracts are available over multiple years, at generous discounts.

Simplified renewal process • No Retail Price Index-related increases • 5% discount per year • No requirement for up-front payment • Guaranteed upgrades to latest software • Uninterrupted access to industry-leading support

Download the multi-year support brochure, or Email us today to discover how much you can save on your support contract. 

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