Expertise you can trust, experience you can rely on.

Our resellers are carefully selected for their extensive experience and knowledge of the M&E industry.

Every reseller undergoes extensive sales and technical training on all Masstech solutions, ensuring that they are able to consult and deploy the foremost storage and optimized workflow ecosystems for all M&E organizations.  Use the location filter below to find your nearest reseller.

ASA Pro // Skokie, IL

Clark Powell // Winston Salem, NC

Clark Media // Bethlehem, PA

CTG // Atlanta, GA

DSI // Kenilworth, NJ

DVG // Mechanicsville, VA

HB Communications // North Haven, CT

Heartland // Plymouth, WI

KeyCodeMedia // New York, NY

VCA Global HQ // Somerset, NJ

Alpha Video // Eden Prairie, MN

ALT Systems // Burbank, CA

BECK TV // Pflugerville, TX

Cinesys // Houston, TX

Cutting Edge // San Francisco, CA

Digital Glue // Laguna Niguel, CA

EAR // Phoenix, AZ

IMT // North Hollywood, CA

KeyCodeMedia // Burbank, CA

Teklogic // Canoga Park, CA

T M Television // Dallas, TX

Filmtools // Burbank, CA

CEV // Montreal

Matrix // Vancouver

Rocket // Toronto

Artec // Mexico City

Comtelsat // Mexico City

Promexar // Mexico City

SVC // Argentina

CIS // Brazil

VGL // Chile

AVCOM // Colombia

Videoelec // Colombia

Electrolab // Ecuador

Broadcast // Peru

AVCOM // Venezuela


Altered Images // UK

Boxer Systems // UK

Digital Garage // UK

Western Europe

Diginet // Belgium

VP Media Solutions // Belgium

Telmaco // Greece

Creative Technology Ireland // Ireland

Tyrell // Ireland

Draco // Israel

TVC // Lithuania

Fofic BV // Netherlands

Tera Adria // Serbia

Unitecnic // Spain

VSN // Spain

OKNO TV // Russia

Sfera Video // Russia

Vision House // Ukraine

Inala // South Africa

Telmaco // Greece

ABC // Qatar

Avid // Dubai

Broadcast Solutions // Dubai

Broadcast and Studio Solutions // Dubai

HEAT // Jordan

INC // Dubai/Kuwait

Omni Group // Qatar

Qvest // Dubai

Systems Design // Egypt

WAHSH // Egypt

Wave Media Solutions // Dubai

Wecom Global // Dubai

Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong

Magna Systems

South Korea

Petadata Corp




If your country isn’t listed above please contact and we’ll connect you with your nearest reseller.

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