Smart storage for smart editors

Archive, locate & retrieve your assets across any cloud or local storage, without leaving Premiere Pro.

Kumulate is the smartest storage and content management system available for video creators, editors and distributors. Now it’s available as a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, giving you direct access to powerful search and retrieval functions within your editing workflow.

  • Intelligent archiving for all your Premiere Pro content
    Easily archive individual files or complete projects to Kumulate
  • Automatic lifecycle management
    Once archived, Kumulate automatically optimises content storage across disk, tape or cloud
  • Access to all your assets
    “Google-like” search across all the content in your Kumulate systems, using structured and unstructured metadata
  • Multi-site Search
    Federation enables you to search and retrieve content across multiple systems, wherever they are located
  • Proxy playback
    Frame-accurate playback of archived assets
  • Asset retrieval
    Move content from archive to editing storage, including individual sequences, complete projects or selected files
  • Partial File Restore
    Mark in and out points and restore only the selected segment
  • Easy configuration
    Connect the Premiere Pro panel to any Kumulate system with minimal configuration
  • Bi-directional marker support
    Timeline markers can be included within the archived asset and imported back into Premiere Pro
  • View job progress
    Status of transfers, transcode and workflow tasks can be viewed from the panel inside Premiere Pro

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