Following Masstech’s announcement of new integrations with the Nutanix suite of compute and storage solutions, Chris Luther (Director of Product & Pre-Sales, Americas) runs us through some of the practices and benefits of Kumulate working in a hyper-converged infrastructure

Introducing Nutanix users to Kumulate’s powerful video storage management capabilities

Simple and cost effective management of video assets is key to keeping storage costs as low as possible and ensuring content can be monetised effectively. This week we announced a new qualification and integration we’ve done with our Kumulate video storage management platform and Nutanix, expanding the choice of compute, storage and cloud solutions for Kumulate customers across media and entertainment industries.

Leverage the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure

A typical Kumulate installation may include a production environment, on-premise editing storage, a master control environment, or a syndicated ingest or news environment. These can now all be connected over a network or virtual cloud to the Kumulate software running on the Nutanix compute platform. 

There are two parts to the Nutanix platform that Kumulate is now integrated with. First is the Acropolis Hypervisor, a hyper-converged infrastructure that delivers applications, services and data at any scale. Secondly, we’ve written a connector to Nutanix Objects; this allows  Kumulate customers to opt for cost effective long term storage. Combining these two can result in an architecture with zero hardware configuration. 

Supporting migration from LTO tape libraries

For organisations looking to migrate away from on-prem, LTO-based storage systems, Kumulate provides a simple migration path to storage on Nutanix Objects, enabling you to share content around the world without any of the accompanying administration.

For those organizations for whom LTO remains a part of their long term storage solution, we’ve also qualified the ATTO Extreme Core iSCSI to SAS bridge. Connecting SAS drives via the ATTO Bridge provides access to them over a standard TCP IP network. By using a generic packet switched network in this way, you avoid the complexity and cost of fibre channel, and the LTO library can be located anywhere in the world, remaining accessible even over the public Internet.

By combining both architecture options, you can start by migrating a copy of content from LTO5 to Nutanix objects, then writing the content to the newer LTO8 connected over a TCP IP environment. Once all the content has been moved off the LTO5 library, you can retire the physical data movers, all of the fibre channel SAN, and you’ll have a copy on LTO8, a copy on Nutanix and a copy in the public cloud. As the saying goes, if you don’t have 3 copies across 3 different mediums, you don’t have a copy at all.

The power of Kumulate’s video storage and content management capabilities coupled with Nutanix’s private-cloud and virtualized infrastructure will help you manage costs, increase productivity and drive efficiencies across your entire video asset management lifecycle.

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