Nutanix users – welcome to Kumulate

Following Masstech’s announcement of new integrations with the Nutanix suite of compute and storage solutions, Chris Luther (Director of Product & Pre-Sales, Americas) runs us through some of the practices and benefits of Kumulate working in a hyper-converged infrastructure

October 13, 2020

Libraries & archives – managing & monetising your media inventory

Design for Tomorrow is a major project from the DPP that has been running over the summer looking at how to build business in the media industry in the future with resilience and agility.  One section of the report focused on managing and monetizing media inventories and identified six success factors required to design tomorrow’s […]

October 6, 2020

Technology: Some statistics and predictions

Masstech CDO James Whitebread likes a good statistic, and he thought it would be nice to share some stats and predictions around Media & Entertainment, storage, AI/ML, 5G, VR/AR, gaming and more.

September 28, 2020

Smart storage for media files

Chris Luther (Director of Product & Pre-Sales, Americas) works with Masstech end-users every week, helping to deploy storage systems that meet and exceed their needs. He’s picked up a few ideas on how the smart storage of the future should work.

September 8, 2020

Happy Birthday to Ku!(mulate)

It’s been exactly one year since Masstech launched Kumulate. And it’s been … well, let’s just say “what a year it has been”, writes Masstech CEO George Kilpatrick

August 21, 2020

Coronavirus Tales – The Sales Head’s Tale

In the first of an occasional series looking at how the pandemic has affected some of the Masstech team around the world, Masstech VP of Global Sales, Luc Tomasino, strikes a positive note.