Microsoft Azure

MS Azure enables you to build and expand your storage and compute environment however you want. Azure’s ever-expanding set of cloud compute and storage services are designed specifically for hybrid cloud and cloud environments.

  • Rapid migration of assets from legacy on-prem storage systems
  • Kumulate manages on-prem and Azure storage for a practical hybrid cloud
  • Specific implementations and deployments with Avid
  • Automated asset lifecycle management across multiple storage tiers
  • Integrated Microsoft transcription, facial recognition, object recognitions and sentiment analysis cognitive services
  • Automated life cycle management across Hot, Cool and Archive blob storage
  •  Kumulate can be deployed as cloud compute in Azure

Customer stories

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Project: New channel, MS Azure cloud storage
Partners: Masstech, AWS, Avid, major national broadcaster
Location: Japan
Overview: Masstech manages storage of the Avid sequences and assets, due to grow to 6PB over 3 years. Editors archive content direct to Azure Hot storage, And Masstech lifecycle management tools move them to cool and archive layers as content ages. Operators are available to restore entire sequences, or partial restores directly from Azure storage into their Avid workgroups.

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