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Cloud storage & media intelligence services

AWS – Storage

With Kumulate you can easily add the flexibility and security of the cloud to your storage ecosystem with cloud storage from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Whether you’re all-in with cloud, or adding S3 to an existing on-prem system for extra capacity or redundancy, Kumulate manages your content across all tiers, seamlessly.

And if you need to migrate content from existing on-prem storage to AWS, Kumulate has you covered there too, providing simple, rapid, disruption-free migration from any legacy tape storage system. Interested in learning more? Drop us a line.

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  • Rapid migration of assets from legacy on-prem storage systems
  • Kumulate manages on-prem and AWS storage for a practical hybrid cloud
  • Automated asset lifecycle management across multiple storage tiers
  • Partial File Restore from any S3 tier reduces egress costs
  • Normalize media and metadata from legacy systems
  • Lifetime fault protection, in flight and at rest
  • Business continuity, managed replication and DR
  • Amazon S3, Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive tiers
  •  Deploy Kumulate instances in AWS

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Kumulate displays e.g. facial recognition metadata on the browse content timeline 

AWS – Media Intelligence

In-depth knowledge of your content enables you to generate more value from it. Amazon’s Machine Learning and AI services help organizations in all industries learn more about the assets they own; in M&E, services such as AWS Rekognition and Transcribe enable greater content discoverability, add rich metadata, and automate  compliance and moderation processes to save on operational costs.

Kumulate Workflow Orchestrator makes AWS Machine Learning and AI services a part of any standard workflows. Turn asset migrations from a chore into an enrichment opportunity; add facial recognition to a batch transcode workflow and find content you didn’t know existed.

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For a full list of Amazon machine learning and AI services visit https://aws.amazon.com/machine-learning/

Content Search & Discovery

  • Enhance asset metadata to make content more discoverable
  • Streamline operations and uncover new revenue streams
  • Amazon Rekognition identifies characters, people, objects, locations, logos to be added as metadata
  • Transcribe creates text from audio tracks – search for content based on scripts or commentaries
  • Use timeline-synced metatada in the Kumulate media player to add segment markers for Partial File Restore from any storage tier

Compliance and Moderation

  • Automate traditionally operator-intensive content review processes
  • Amazon Recognition detects non-compliant or explicit content based on pre-defined categorizations
  • Review video and audio, tag potentially unsafe content or incorrect usage
  • Kumulate enables batch review of content as part of standard broadcast workflows, such as content movement or transcode

Interested in seeing how Kumulate and AWS collaborate to bring you exceptional ROI?

Customer stories


Project: Archiving news content to AWS cloud & migrating existing content
Partners: Masstech, AWS, Avid, major US network
Location: US East
Overview: Management of archiving of new video assets to Amazon S3, and the migration of 4PB of existing video assets from on-prem tape archive to Amazon S3. Post-migration, management of content movement between production environment and Amazon S3/Amazon Glacier


Project: Hosting of archive management in the AWS cloud
Partners: Masstech, AWS, US governmental archive
Location: US East
Overview: A cloud-hosted instance of Kumulate managing the archiving of digital talking books to S3 and S3 Glacier storage. Kumulate manages the movement of content between on-prem and cloud.

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