Amazon Web Services

Add the flexibility and security of the cloud to your media management and storage ecosystem with cloud storage from Amazon Web Services (AWS), powered by Kumulate.

When selecting Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and Amazon Glacier Deep Archive as part of your hybrid cloud media ecosystem, Kumulate provides the storage and media lifecycle management that ensures your media and metadata are always where you need them, when you need them, in the right format.

  • Rapid migration of assets from legacy on-prem storage systems
  • Kumulate manages on-prem and AWS storage for a practical hybrid cloud
  • Automated asset lifecycle management across multiple storage tiers
  • Integrated AWS AI and cognitive services
  • Normalize media and metadata from legacy systems
  • Lifetime fault protection, in flight and at rest
  • Business continuity, managed replication and DR
  • Amazon S3, Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive tiers
  •  Deploy Kumulate instances in AWS

Customer stories


Project: Archiving news content to AWS cloud & migrating existing content
Partners: Masstech, AWS, Avid, major US network
Location: US East
Overview: Management of archiving of new video assets to Amazon S3, and the migration of 4PB of existing video assets from on-prem tape archive to Amazon S3. Post-migration, management of content movement between production environment and Amazon S3/Amazon Glacier

Project: Hosting of archive management in the AWS cloud
Partners: Masstech, AWS, US governmental archive
Location: US East
Overview: A cloud-hosted instance of Kumulate managing the archiving of digital talking books to third-party cloud storage. Kumulate manages the movement of content between on-prem and cloud.

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