The storage & archive solutions most trusted by Avid users

Cost-efficient storage solutions for all Avid users

Interplay, Media Central, Media Composer – whichever Avid system you use, Masstech solutions are seamlessly integrated into your applications and workflows, helping you to manage your storage, free up Nexis and other local disk while keeping your sequences and assets to hand.

Cloud, tape or local disk – Kumulate and FlashNet make all content on every storage tiers transparently available to all Avid users with shared storage workgroups, and your editors can even share content between sites using Federation.

Discover more about specific Avid integrations below, or Contact Us for more information, or to arrange a demonstration.

Storage & workflow for Interplay and Media Central users

Interplay PAM & Media Central

  •  Ideal for customers with very large integrated Avid archives
  • Archive & restore jobs are managed from Media Central UX or Interplay clients, including inside Avid editing applications
  • Files typically archived in their native format
  • Conform directly to the timeline using partial restore

Interplay Web Services

  • Ideal for multi-site customers, or those who have some departments using Interplay and other departments using other workflows
  • Content is pulled from Interplay and restored from the Masstech web app
  • Content can be transcended into other formats
  • Can be combined with configurable workflows (e.g. Automated iNEWS archiving)


  • The ONLY purpose-built video archive solution for news
  • No media management personnel
  • Sequences are automatically archived based on the rundown
  • Script and video are perpetually linked
  • Optional content sharing between multiple sites through Masstech’s Media Wire and NRCS drag-and-drop

Media Composer – Portal for Avid

  • Windows application that runs on media Composer desktop
  • Drag-and-drop archiving and restore from/to a project or bin
  • Immediate feedback regarding missing media or content that can’t be archived
  • Create low-res sequences and restore high-res
  • Browse, archive and restore complete projects or just their individual files

Bi-directional metadata

  • Extraction of metadata, including markers, so that it can be viewed or searched in the archive
  • Configurable metadata mapping
  • Option to define mandatory metadata fields when archiving from Portal for Avid
  • Time-based metadata can be searched, viewed and edited in Masstech Web App

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