Your new video storage management …

      …is so much more than video storage management

Kumulate v2 – cloud & hybrid storage management, content management and workflow orchestration. Plus a host of new features, and flexible pricing to suit any business model.

Kumulate v2 is here!

We are very pleased (and to be honest quite excited) to announce Kumulate version 2, the latest enhancement to our multi-award winning video storage management platform. We could tell you about the new features, the cool new user experience, new modules, new pricing – but hey, why not take a look yourself?

Same flexible modular structure, sleek new UX

We’ve re-designed the interface to the Kumulate  modules, giving a truly next-gen, simple and intuitive user experience. 

Brand new Workflow Orchestrator

A re-vamped, simple drag and drop interface to build automated workflows for batch processing. And Kumulate now comes with a whole suite of templates to slash your operational overheads, straight out of the box.

Built to be future-proof, scalable and connected

Tech loves tech, they say, and Kumulate v2 is the most connected application we’ve ever written. Kumulate’s REST API, containerization & micro service structure allow interoperability like never before, plus unlimited, on-demand scalability.

Pricing as flexible as the software

Business requirements change just as technical ones do. So we’re introducing flexible pricing – subscription or permanent license, just choose the model that suits you best.

Looking for the perfect video storage system? Check out our handy guide to the platforms and systems that best suit your needs, whatever your business.

And that’s not all. Kumulate v2 also delivers:

  • Enhanced security with hash checking of files in-transit and at-rest (even in cloud)
  • Additional formats supported by Kumulate Transcode Engine, including OpenEXR
  • Deeper integrations with AI and Machine Learning services from AWS and Azure
  • New integration with Avid MediaCentral UX

Kumulate version 2 is a free upgrade for all existing Kumulate, MassStore and FlashNet users. Click the link below to book a demo or if you have questions, you can book a 15 minute chat with a technical specialist.

Take your video storage to the next level

Kumulate keeps your video storage costs low and helps you get the greatest value from your video assets. Kumulate ensures your content is always in the most cost-efficient and flexible storage layer, so you can easily find, access and share your video assets, quickly and easily, wherever you are in the world.

Intelligent Storage

Kumulate optimizes file management across hybrid cloud storage, using public or private cloud, on-premise disk and LTO libraries, to make sure your video assets are always in the most cost-efficient and flexible storage layer. Making them easy to find and access, whenever, wherever.

Content Management

With a simple and easy to navigate UI Kumulate lets you quickly find, edit & store your content assets. Search seamlessly from your applications, using rich metadata generated from multiple sources, including AI and machine learning. Partial File Restore from any storage tier mitigates costs by pulling out only the parts of the video you need, and the integrated transcoder delivers it in your choice of format and size.

Workflow Orchestration

Automate processes, save time, save money. Choose the modules you need, and the simple, intuitive Kumulate Workflow Orchestrator builds them into automated workflows, along with AI and cognitive services and any of your existing 3rd party media processing applications.

Modular Architecture

Kumulate is a modular platform, providing you with agility to add functionality as and when your business requirements change.

Pricing as flexible as the software

Whichever Kumulate modules you choose, we provide a range of flexible licensing options to meet your capex, opex, SaaS or subscription requirements.

Introduction to Kumulate Gateway and Kumulate Gallery

Do you receive video content from multiple suppliers?

Kumulate Gateway reduces content acquisition overheads with seamless compliance checks and automated notifications.

Do you sell video content to a wide audience?

Kumulate Gallery is your online storefront. Set it up with a few clicks and sit back while customers find, preview, buy and download your video content.

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