Hassle-free content acquisition

Reduce operational overheads, simplify content acquisition and automate compliance and fulfilment checks.

Do you accept content from multiple suppliers?

Kumulate Gateway is an essential tool for any organization that receives video content from different suppliers. A simple, customizable web portal where your suppliers submit content. Kumulate Gateway performs your defined compliance checks and automatically submits approved content for next-step processing, or rejects and notifies the supplier.

Intuitive web portal

Customize each supplier’s web portal based on their log-in credentials.

Reduce operational burdens

Automated, basic compliance checking removes operational burdens and the risk of human error.

Easy customization

Each supplier and project are fully customizable – you choose which checks are performed, where content is submitted, and where approved content goes.

Automation at its best

Kumulate automatically rejects or approves content, then funnels it to the next Kumulate workflow, notifying suppliers.

Single-glance view

A customizable dashboard shows all projects, assets and their status throughout the acquisition and transfer process.

Your look and feel

Brand the portal with your own logos, corporate schemes and themes, to maintain a familiar appearance.

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Automate compliance and notifications

Kumulate Gateway will revolutionize your content acquisition process, cutting the time and resources you spend bringing content into your platforms.

Define the rules

Choose content submission rules so incoming content meets your required parameters, including basic metadata, codecs, wrappers and language versions. Auto-rejection reduces manual checks.

Reduce delays

If content doesn’t comply, Kumulate Gateway automatically notifies the supplier, to let them know what they need to amend.

Eyes on

Keep track of all your projects with a single view dashboard that provides timely management of all processes.

Stay on brand

Maintain supplier confidence by providing a familiar branded experience featuring your logos, brand colours and configurations.

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Kumulate Gallery is your online storefront. Your B2B or B2C customers can find, preview, buy and download your video content whenever they want.

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Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

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