Automated efficiency for your newsroom

Easily archive, search, retrieve and exchange local and remote content directly from your familiar newsroom interface.

Link all assets in a rundown and store them together, automatically – less housekeeping for journalists and editors and always-available content, wherever it is in its lifecycle.

Share content across your entire organization, from desktop to desktop, even if different stations use different systems.

Unleash your newsroom's full potential

  • Automatically store, retrieve and distribute media content from within your NRCS – no extra interfaces, passwords or disjointed workflows
  • Works directly within Associated Press ENPS, Avid iNEWS, Octopus Newsroom and Ross Inception News
  • Search for shared and archived stories, and preview their associated video directly from your NRCS’ native search
  • Find and access relevant content on any connected Masstech system – locally or at other group stations
  • Video-Follows-Text – video, words and metadata are always shared, stored and moved together. Script & video are perpetually linked
  • Sequences are automatically archived based on the rundown
  • Painlessly move and exchange stories and media between journalists, systems and locations with a single drag-and-drop action
  • Masstech Media Wire publishes stories with embedded video to other newsrooms in your enterprise as wire stories
Kumulate for News

Kumulate has application level integration with Avid iNEWS, ENPS, Ross, Octopus and all major NRCSs.

All bases covered

Avid iNEWS, ENPS, Octopus, Ross – whichever Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) you use, Kumulate is integrated into the application itself. Operators can archive, search, share and publish content from and to anywhere within your organization, including other stations, without leaving their application and with no need to learn new software, systems or platforms.

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