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Kumulate provides a range of cloud & hybrid cloud storage solutions, to fit every budget and operational environment. Whether you’re building a new content repository, adding cloud to existing storage, or want to migrate all of your on-premise content to cloud, Kumulate provides the intelligent storage & workflow management tools to create the most efficient storage ecosystem.

Kumulate manages assets across and between multiple storage tiers, and offers automated workflows, toolsets and functionality designed specifically for media companies and operations. 

  • Cloud & hybrid storage management
  • Public cloud, private cloud, disk, tape – invisibly presented to control systems
  • Supports AWS, MS Azure, Wasabi, Google, IBM and all S3 cloud providers
  • Support for major private cloud platforms and storage hardware
  • Kumulate is the control layer – granular management & visibility, more than simply dump-in-a-bucket provided by MAMs and cloud front ends
  • Keep your content moving, re-versioned and flying to channels and partners
  • Kumulate can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise
  • Media-specific management tools, including rich metadata, integrated transcode and partial file restore
  • Automated lifecycle management between storage tiers, based on usage and file attributes


Discover more about Kumulate cloud and hybrid solutions below, or contact us to arrange a demo.

Support for all major cloud providers

Choosing the right storage

The most efficient storage tier varies depending on the asset and requirements attached to it. Each storage type offers different benefits in terms of access speed and cost, and when designing a storage system you should ascertain which tier is best suited to the asset types you process and store (it’s important to remember that appropriate storage will vary depending on where an asset is in its lifecycle).

Other considerations include security (tape providers claim tape’s inherent air-gap is more secure than public cloud, for example), redundancy, DR/duplication provision, potential hardware revisions, and resources involved in content migration between tiers. 

Designing your perfect ecosystem requires considerable planning, and Masstech provides the tools and expertise to help.

Contact Us to discover how we can help you design and deploy your perfect storage ecosystem.

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