Savva Mueller

Masstech VP Product Savva Mueller knows a way that you can build extra revenue and extract the greatest value from your video assets. He’s happy to share how it’s done in his latest blog post.

If I told you that you could create an additional revenue stream with almost no up-front costs, would you be interested?

It’s a somewhat silly question, but the reality is that many companies have media libraries that are either not monetized at all, or are only partially monetized. It’s not that they don’t want to make use of them, it’s just that in the past there have been many challenges to doing so. They may not have had the staff that they felt were needed to manage a monetization project, their archived content may not have had the metadata needed to organize it and make it easy to locate, or they may have felt that building or buying a system to sell the content to their customers would be too expensive.

With one click, your asset is available for purchase by your selected audience

Kumulate Gallery is designed to solve these problems, providing an online storefront for your assets. Let’s look at how it addresses each problem:

Media management

Not only does Kumulate Gallery provide the user interface for your customers to browse and purchase assets, but it sits directly on top of the Kumulate archive management system, giving it access to the content and information in the system. Content is made available to Kumulate Gallery just by setting a metadata flag. The system can be designed for business-to-consumer sales, where anyone can purchase content, or business-to-business sales, where you administer the companies and users who can access selected content.

Rich metadata

At Masstech, we are focused on not only managing the movement of content between your production, distribution and archive systems, but also in managing that content’s metadata. Unlike object storage systems and basic HSMs, we see this information as critical not only to managing the lifecycle and movement of your content, but also to helping you to extract value from it as you move forward. Kumulate can do this by importing the asset metadata from production, editing and/or newsroom systems, through manual metadata entry or by using the Kumulate Orchestrator to integrate metadata enrichment services such as speech-to-text, facial recognition and object recognition. This in-depth metadata makes your content easier to find and purchase within Kumulate Gallery.

Cost of ownership

Customers can deploy Kumulate Gallery quickly and easily. Kumulate Gallery can run directly on the Kumulate server, or it can run on a separate virtual machine, or cloud-based instance. Regardless of where the server runs, it accesses the Kumulate database directly to get access to asset metadata and proxies. Because Kumulate Gallery is provided via subscription, there are none of the upfront software costs that would be required for other products that you would purchase or build. For customers who are currently using other archive management systems such as Diva, we also provide the capability to switch out those systems without the need to migrate all their content from tape, enabling them to take advantage of all of Kumulate’s advanced capabilities and services, including Kumulate Gallery.

It can be hard to quantify the value of your archived content, which is why it was important to us to make it easy and inexpensive for customers to deploy Kumulate Gallery. You can find more information on our Kumulate Gallery page, or try Kumulate Gallery for yourself with a quick demo. We look forward to helping you unleash the hidden value of your assets!

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