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Building a video storage system that exactly fits your requirements can be tricky.

To celebrate the release of Kumulate version 2, we’ve published this useful guide to help you understand the pros and cons of storage types, and some of the considerations and questions you should address when building the most efficient multi-layered storage system.

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It’s no great revelation to say that there is a LOT of video around these days. Video creation and views are sky-rocketing, and the amount of video data that organizations need to store is expected to quadruple in the next two years, from already eye-watering levels. Unsurprisingly, this continual increase in capacity requires a constant re-examination of how we store our video content. 

Fortunately, data storage technology is improving at a rate that is managing to keep pace. However, new technologies, changing terminologies and shifting digital landscapes can bring challenges of their own; it’s all too easy for an organization to end up on a confusing path, attempting to navigate upgrades from outdated storage technology and media formats, while successfully managing their content to ensure efficient storage and ease of access when required. Emerging technologies, such as AI and Machine Learning, are creating interesting new revenue opportunities, but incorporating these into everyday operations adds another layer of complexity.

This is where a video storage management solution comes in. In this guide, we explore the different options for video archiving and management, along with considerations you should address when looking for a solution.

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