In the first of an occasional series looking at how the pandemic has affected some of the Masstech team around the world, Masstech VP of Global Sales, Luc Tomasino, strikes a positive note.

The last four months have been some of the strangest in all our working and domestic lives. For many it’s been a period of terrible hardship and loss, and my thoughts are constantly with those who have, or still are suffering. The tone of optimism of this piece is merely a reflection of my nature, and is not in any way intended to down-play the terrible situation that so many have had to endure.

That said, as I look back on the previous few months, it’s not without a genuine sense of appreciation of the way that many industry colleagues and peers have adapted to the situation, and I’ve been really impressed by the quality and insight of articles and webinars that may not otherwise have been created.

For me, this period will forever bring an association with both the launch of our Kumulate platform, and also with the (mostly) positive time in my family life. This was primarily the result of the enforced remote working, and while I am sure that not everyone else will have had such a fortunate time, for me, there have been some interesting, challenging and heart-warming elements. 

What isn’t in doubt is that there has been an impressive take-up of remote working and the tools and processes the new way of life requires. There is a plethora of stats to pull from – and this is just scratching the surface.[1]

And it’s not just numbers.  I’ve always believed that there are some fundamentals that will always hold true in any market environment, and this has been true for the Covid-19 situation:

Taking those fundamentals into account, this Covid situation has brought a few intriguing highlights:

So despite its terrible effects on many, there are positive aspects to the pandemic: less travel (and the crunch stress that goes with it) has opened up a world of possibilities.  More time doing what I’m paid to do (sell), diving deeper into Masstech’s solutions (make our clients’ lives better), and bringing my family closer into my world.   

In a nutshell – and this may sound odd given social distancing – my job has become a lot more human.  It’s been tough for many out there, and we wish everyone well as we get through this pandemic.  But a lot of good can and will come out of this, if we allow it.   

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing of your own experiences.
Cheers and stay safe.


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