Group-wide storage and content sharing

  • Network News archive system
  • Kumulate with multiple NRCSs
  • 35+ systems
  • Shared assets, searchable across all sites
  • Over 10PB of content under management


Sinclair was using inefficient, manual processes for archiving content that was created and processed by several different News Room Computer Systems (NRCSs). Stories were not stored alongside related assets, there were limited cross-platform integrations, and sites were not able to efficiently search, locate and retrieve content from sister sites in the group.


Kumulate for News (originally deployed as MassStore) allows Sinclair’s operators using different NRCSs to share content, across the country. Kumulate for News also auto-archives news content, linking all files (video, script, stills etc) within a rundown, ensuring they can all be searched and retrieved as connected media. Kumulate’s automated lifecycle management optimises storage across local disk and tape, ensuring that content is stored on the most cost-efficient storage tier.

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Kumulate for News PDF

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