FlashNet archive for Avid system

  • Digitization of back catalog
  • Archive of newly generated material
  • Avid Interplay, ISIS storage
  • LTO7 tape library


After several years of relying on external hard drives, manual copying processes and Excel spreadsheets, 2014 World Series winning San Francisco Giants realised that their growing content library required a more digital approach. In addition to storing newly generated content, The Giants had a back catalog that required digitization, and turned to Avid and Masstech (SGL at time of deployment) to help.


The Giants deployed an Avid Interplay PAM system, with assets ingested into nearline ISIS disk storage. In order to ensure that the Avid system remains fully functional, requirements dictate that ISIS usage does not exceed 60-70%. To achieve this, an LTO7 tape library was deployed, with FlashNet as the management software. FlashNet and Interplay’s close integration allows operators to send sequences and master clips to the archive, from within their editing applications. FlashNet’s ability to archive all Avid attributes means that The Giants can store native Avid sequences, and restore all or part of them, without having to edit or clip.


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FlashNet for Avid PDF

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