Helping you maintain your operational efficiency

It’s an unprecedented time, and we’re all finding new ways to work under restrictive operational environments. Masstech has a number of ways we can help you to adapt your existing systems and workflows – and in most cases it won’t involve additional expense.

Here are just 4 ways we can help you adapt to new working conditions and environments.

Facilitate remote working

Many of us are including at least an element of remote working in our current operational practices. This can lead to problems accessing content stored in on-premise systems, inability to share assets, or to access content on local desktops in home offices. 

We can help adapt your current media workflows, and have developed new tools to allow you to download and access your on-prem content from home offices. 

If you’re struggling to access your assets or manage media workflows, we have the tools that can help – you may already have access to some of them without realising it. Simply fill in your details in the form above and we’ll walk you through your options.


Add cloud storage

Adding a cloud tier to your storage ecosystem can help share assets amongst users working remotely, and cloud storage tiers can easily and organically be added to existing FlashNet, Kumulate or MassStore systems. 

Kumulate allows you to quickly and easily migrate existing assets from on-prem systems to all public cloud providers. And if you want to retain on-prem content, no problem – Kumulate manages all storage tiers in a single name space that’s transparent to all your systems.

Until 30th June we’re waiving our usual fees for 3rd party cloud connectors.  Fill in the form above for a rapid response.


Increase storage capacity

Now more than ever it is vital that your mission-critical systems remain available and operational; that includes archive and storage management systems. To ensure that your storage tiers don’t become full while administrators might not be around to oversee operations, we can provide temporary licenses to increase the size of your storage, and even to attach new cloud storage if you don’t already have it.

These temporary licenses will be free for Masstech users until 30th June.  Fill in the form above and we’ll get right back to you.


Train/develop staff

Many of our customers are reporting that their storage systems are being pressured by the enforced absence of critical team members. When administrative are absent for prolonged periods, it’s important that other operators can step in to take over critical system administration. But even something as simple as loading a required tape into a library requires a certain degree of knowledge.

To help cover these potential knowledge gaps, we’re providing free training in basic system administration tasks for existing users with valid support contracts. Training is online, first-come first served, and is designed to cover basic tasks to allow you to remain operational. Fill in the form above and we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time. 

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