The crisis is far from over, but planning for the way we will work in the future has to start now, says Masstech Chief Digital Officer James Whitebread

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began to become apparent in the early part of 2020, almost every business has experienced some kind of economic impact, and resultant change to operational procedures. Businesses are being challenged by their leadership to achieve more for less money and with fewer resources, and further challenges are presented by implementing shifts in operational practices, such as remote working and video conferencing.

Technology has always been used to help facilitate business processes and provide customers with specific experiences and services. But the rules of engagement have changed dramatically over the last few months, and technology will have an increasingly important part to play in helping businesses adapt to the post COVID world.  This might entail the need to adapt to selling products and services online with less emphasis on the traditional storefront; or optimising digital supply chains to increase velocity and reduce cost. One certainty is that businesses will need to be more adaptable than ever.

To achieve this flexibility, there are a number of key considerations on which businesses will focus:

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These focus areas became apparent during the initial stages of the COVID crisis, and throughout  this period we have been working with current and new customers to help address the challenges. As businesses sent teams to work from home, and content access became an issue, we have been able to quickly help with the movement of content to the cloud. Shifting focus from on-premise to hybrid cloud means that while the main archive remains on premise, content is moved close to the team, or even moved to the home and synced back to the cloud as needed.

The opportunity exists now for every business to update and optimize their workflows, their technology footprint, and ultimately to support their business in whatever shape it needs to adapt to over the coming months and years.

At Masstech we’re developing products and solutions geared towards enabling our customers to adapt to the post-Covid workplace. Our Kumulate platform can help you and your business become more agile, and to provide the services that your teams and customers expect during this crisis and beyond. 

Kumulate can:

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